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Week 7 Bonus & the Arnold

Failure is not an option. Everyone has to succeed. Arnold Schwarzenegger We put a lot of points out last week and hopefully most of you are coming to the end of the whole 30 so big changes should happen to the leader board this week. So far things are going well. The only new point option this week is to attend the Arnold. You can pick up a point for each day you go, No, none of the shit in the expo is Paleo. You can go to watch any of the events, support some of your friends or help out with the Crossfit  event set up. If while wandering around the Arnold you cant think of anything to do Arnold Bingo is a favorite of mine. It's not an official world record or anything and there are no extra points but I have gotten bingo sub 3 minutes the past two years. We have people competing everyday and things change so pay attention and support your friends.We will post all FC Athlete competition times on the Facebook page. Passion 4 Paleo  We have recently started offering these meals at the gym. We are going to try it for awhile and see how it goes. We will be offering them individually out of the fridge as well as pre ordered for the week. Pre -orders need to be in by Monday. Heres how it works you pay FC for individuals or Passion 4 Paleo for pre orders. Then you eat, the food is awesome and its easy. If you want a taste they will be catering the Open Event we will be hosting next Friday. The CrossFit Games Open starts next week. I will announce more details Monday but if your a member of our gym, you should do it. With out explaining the whole team scoring system if you work out and record a score it helps. If you compete you are scoring points for our team,preventing others from scoring points ,cheering and inspiring your gym and having fun