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We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

It's all down hill from here. 12 days left. Make sure you send Chelsea or I an email to schedule your test out .We had a lot of really epic cheat meal submissions. Hopefully your pancrease still works and it hasn’t been too hard to get back on the wagon. The judges have reviewed the pictures and stories and determined that it is clear none of us should hang with Amanda on a cheat day. 3-4 entrees, 2 desserts, endless wine and bread, and a shot with 1 minute left in the  90 minute AMCRAP. Amanda is the undisputed champion. She managed to consume enough non paleo food  to spike the insulin of  the entire Short North. A close second was Miranda, proving there is always room for ice cream, then more ice cream, then more ice cream and still more ice cream.  All in all I hope you had some fun, relieved some cravings and exercised some demons. I also hope you felt like shit and only continue these binges under close guidelines and supervision. We are all quite fortunate. We are a healthy group with improving health markers, performance and goal achievement. We have good friends, family and support systems and clearly plenty of food to eat. Everyone isn’t so lucky. There are thousands of organizations that work to benefit charities that  provide resources to people less fortunate than us. Whether it be hunger, disease, violence or many other challenges there are many worthy charities that do a lot with a little and could do a lot more with a little more. If I have learned anything about success its that no matter how hard I work I couldn’t do it alone and I may never be able to repay those that have helped. So I try and pay it forward. It may be hard to find the direct link from giving to health but it sure makes you feel good and whats the point in being wealthy and healthy if you’re a selfish asshole. So I’m challenging you ( and rewarding you with bonus points) to pay it forward. Find a charity that means something to you and give them some of your valuable time and or money. I really don’t care how much of either and it doesn't matter whether it's time and money or time or money. Just find a group that cant pay you back and be cool. I don’t care and don’t want to know who or how much you gave  just take the next week and give to a charity. If you do, be it $1 or 1 million, you get 3 points. Its your time and/or money do with it as you wish its between you and them. Just take some time over the next week and be cool to a group that could use your help. Be cool give time and/or money to a charity =3 pts Please don’t ask questions about this, if you do you are missing the point. Seriously you can figure this out. Here are a few of the charities the FC has given to over the past year. Add to the list or add to the total. Susan G. Komen  for the cure Pelotonia The Disposable Heroes Project 31 Heroes Project Operation Homefront Special Operations Warrior Foundation