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We have moved

It's official we have finally moved. From this point forward all classes and operations will take place at the new location. Fit Club 371 Maier Place, Bay 5 Columbus, Ohio 43215 We are located in the Whittier Peninsula office park, next to the climbing wall at Scioto Audubon Metro Park. Our official address is Bay 5 but there does not seem to be any markings that say Bay 5. It is the second bay from the left as you enter the compound. We will be getting signage but until then look for my truck,loud music and crazy people. In addition to 10,000 square feet of space ( old garage was 1,200) we have almost unlimited parking. Lines will eventually be painted to better organize parking but until then just try and not block others in The current class schedule will remain intact until further notice. We will have some additions and changes but we're not dealing with that now so please don't ask. With out getting all sappy, I really want to thank all of you for all that you do. All your hard work and dedication make this the coolest thing I have ever done in my "professional life".  All of your contributions make this an awesome community to be part of. And by that I don't mean really cool, I mean "awesome" as in  "something which inspires awe". We have built a community out of a broken down partially abandon building in downtown Columbus with barley any equipment. Both individually and as a group we have done amazing things. The cherry street location had many draw backs but we handled them in stride and had a lot of fun with it. From the beginning Fit Club has been about cool people doing the best we could with the best we had and having a good time at it. While the block, building and "best we have" has changed the "best we can" won't. Regardless of the Cherry streets draw backs we all liked it in a weird way. When looking for the new place I tried to keep in mind how to replicate some of the things that made Cherry street special and eliminate the things we can all agree suck. The one thing we cant find, buy or build is the atmosphere, the cool factor, thats up to us all. We can find the best location, buy the best equipment and provide the best coaching possible but its up to al of us to provide the awesome. Here's to kickin ass, being cool and being awesome in 2013 and beyond! Mitch