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We are all temporarily able bodied

Are you serious? Yes, I am.......sometimes. What we have here is a really good work out for the left arm. This work out may be a great fit for you if your having some issue with the right elbow and want to come get in some exercise and have fun with your friends. It is probably not going to be a WOD used to test the fittest 1% on the planet but it is an adaptation of one used you can have fun with. The point I'm trying to make is know why you are doing what your doing. When it comes to fitness programming to accomplish your goals the WOD is only about 25% of the recipe. Far more important is how you apply the programming. How and when you adjust. Even when a program is written specifically for you things need to be adjusted from time to time.   In college I had a professor say "you are all temporarily able bodied" She was really annoying  for a million other reasons but that statement has always stuck with me. Whether it is the sands of time, illness, injury or just a bad day at some point all of us will lose some capacity and have to adjust our activities to suit our needs and wants of the moment. There are times to fight and will yourself to finish or step it up. But these moments are largely determined by  individual circumstances and goals.  Intelligent training involves assessing whats on the board and figuring out how to accomplish the spirit of the law, not the letter of it. As a coach it is far more interesting to do this than point to the board and read. Those of you with two strong arms may do a different version of this WOD but the point is still the same. MeX before Rx.