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The Open 13.2 & FC Challenge Test Out

The Open 13.1 & 13.2
13.1- Over all we did really well, we had a few snatch PRs, good in any circumstances but especially interesting under the circumstances. Everyone should be happy with there performance. As we progress through the open its important to remember why your doing this. It's to get better and have fun.We probably wont see those movements again until next year but who knows. In any event you need to work on your snatch technique,overall strength and conditioning to get better. The best way to do those things isn't by redoing the wod all weekend, it happens over time. So take your frustrations into some skill sessions and do the work. There is still four work outs left  and I'm sure they will have something you should be preparing for.
5 - Push Press 115/75
10 - Deadlift 115/75
15 Box Jumps 24"/20"
Here is the schedule of activities for the rest of the week
Thursday- Movement prep and regular WOD. Those that need to do 13.2 early may do so during class. If your planning on doing it Friday rest and mobilize your ankles.
Friday- We will do the WOD all day in the 6AM,12, 4:30 & 5:30 classes. We will run classes like an event with heats going off about every 15 minutes, There will be a warm up on the board and brief instruction. There will be no heats after 6:20 PM. The 6:30 class is canceled. The gym will be open until 7:30 if you have taken the judges course you may organize a heat on your own. Just incase you wondered it is NOT cool to come at 7:15 to do the WOD
Friday Night Lights will be held at CrossFit Polaris. They will be starting at 6PM. It is first come first serve. If your going to WOD fill this out first . If you do it at Polaris please record that thats where you did it on your scoring entry. They will have to validate it, Not us. If how ever you do it at our gym enter that you did it at Cross Fit 614 and we will validate it.
Saturday. Dave will be holding an open gym for 13.2 from 11-1.
If you cant get it done in those times you will have to make other arrangements with a coach. DO NOT show up to olympic lifting and ask or think it is cool to do the WOD off on your own.
One and done! You may NOT do the WOD over again. Be ready and do it right the first time. The only exception to this are people trying to qualify for the Regional or Games. All make ups and redos will be scheduled with a coach.
Safety- Rebound box jumps are really hard on your achilles,some times too hard. Most peoples cant keep pace with them and they unnneccessarily expose you to injury. For this reason I am going to say jump and step down and maintain a steady pace, you can make up time going unbroken on lifts and setting a good pace. Safety concerns aside this looks like a fun WOD. Its only ten minutes and pretty low skill so no water or chalk breaks,no deep breath and set up just Fucking go!
FC Challenge Test Out No new bonus points this week. We will hold the test out events for the FC Challenge Saturday April 6th. We will start the first heat at 9AM and go through out the morning and mid afternoon. There will be a pre registration and off site option for the blood testing, more on that later. If you can not at all make it on Saturday notify your coach via email (not Facebook). They will forward this to me and we will coordinate another time Thursday and possibly Sunday