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The Arnold recap & The Open

The Arnold 2013
Every year I have really mixed feelings about the Arnold. Initially I am at a little higher level of annoyed than usual. On a regular basis I don't have to deal with the parts of the fitness industry I found to be pretty stupid ( insert joke about rusty/orange oompa loompa in board shorts and affliction shirt). Different strokes for different folks I guess but I really think the ongoing freak show that is the expo does more harm than good for the public perception of health and fitness. Just look at all the people who wait in line for free samples of the latest supplement and you will know there are a lot of people looking for a short cut. Then the awesome happens. Last night as all the pictures and videos got posted it really struck me how awe-some an event that really is. Regular people in all kinds of events had a moment to test their training in a big time, fun environment.We had a lot of people who competed and rose to the occasion in Crossfit & Olympic lifting. Im sure there are a lot of coaches around the world that had the same experience. So whether you set a PR, fell a little short of your goal or just competed for the first time, thank you for being awesome and being a part of our community.
Each week the WOD will be announced here on Wednesday Night, We will drill the skills and develop a plan on Thursday and perform the WOD on Friday in class and/or a special event. The event will be hosted at a different location each week. Members of Fit Club may complete the WOD during a scheduled WOD or at the event location. With the exception of this Friday we will run a regular class schedule. 
THIS FRIDAY regularly scheduled 4:30, 5:30 & 6:30 WODs are canceled. We will host an event from 6:00-??:??, We will have a Heat sign up board up by Thursday. It will be a good time ( think Arnold minus spray tan/rust) and we can use all the help we can get, so plan on it. Im sure there are question so please refer to the Frequently Annoying Question list below
"What if I can't come Friday" - We are aware that there are occasional circumstances that may get in the way of exercise so we will make every attempt to schedule a time for you to do the WOD and post your score. All we ask is that you please be as understanding of our time as we try to be of yours. Life happens we get it but missing the scheduled event for happy hour isn't cool. Make every attempt to fit into the schedule and we will make every attempt to deal with exceptions. If you are out of town you can do it at a participating CrossFit affiliate or submit a video of you doing the WOD here.
"Do I get Bonus Points"- Yes, you can still get the previous points for signing up for the Open and completing the judges course. You can also get one bonus point for each open wod you submit a validated score for. You can also pick up one more bonus point for attending one of the scheduled events, five events =5 points.
"What if I can't do it" - A. You can, just trust me but if not ask someone who has done it YBF. B. In the event that there is a movement you cant complete there will still be a good portion of the WOD you can do and now we know what to work on for next year. Focus on the positive, step up to the challenge.
All other questions should be answered here, Look it up , if you ask me the answer is burpees.
Week 8 Bonus Points- See above