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Thank you!

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.
General George Smith Patton, Jr.
Wow! Thats really all I can say. After one of the coolest, most awesome experiences of my professional life I was asked what  is the best thing about CrossFit. While CrossFit is a really great fitness program and sport. I think the best part is the people and their dedication to doing their absolute best regardless of the task or conditions.
As crossfitters we prove our physical fitness almost dailey with as many tasks and variables as we can muster. This preparing for anything  approach forges not only a physically fit person but also a great attitude to carry into any situation. And once again we as a communnity proved that. Whether it was the Athletes that tackled new tasks like overhead squatting in the rain, carrying tires, “Fun Bags” and hurdles or the Volunteers that helped move literally tons of equipment, build pull up rigs, deal with the loss of internet, rain, clock malfunctions or any of the million things you all did, that we may never know about. You did this all for two reasons, it needed done and you are fucking awesome! This was the biggest event I have ever tried to pull off and it was only possible because of all of you. I am truly humbled by your support and thankful for all that you did to make this the coolest thing to ever hit downtown Columbus.
Along with the volunteers and athletes this event wouldn't have been possible with out the help of or sponsors.
Columbus Commons- Nick, Lexi, Alexis, Amy and Elise. Thanks for all your hard work  patience and support. You gotta love anyone that opens their doors to 1,000 Crossfitters
Rogue Fitness- best equipment in Crossfit. Bill, Caity, Kris and Adam thank you for setting the standard and all the support
Hyperwear- This is the best sandbag I have ever used and can't wait to see what else we can do with them
lululemon-easton town center- once again your support from he beginning and now is awesome, I think the winner like their clothes as well
fashletics-  Great prizes for the ladies
Paleo People-  Delicious
Flying Js Track Club- Thanks to Coach Jackson for the hurdles, we all have a new challenge
Steves Used Tires- I think everyone has a little reminder (tire hickeys anyone) of your contribution
GoRuck- Great challenge, gear and people.
RM Sexton Enterprises- The DJ and music were great
US Wellness meats- Meat Good!
Milestone 229- Winner winner chicken Dinner
Market 65- Best Salad in Cbus and Awesome people
Dirty Franks- Hot Dog Palace- Bacon Wrapped, hot dogs covered in brisket
Cafe Brioso- Best Coffee and crew in Cbus, Thanks for fueling the volunteers
Brother Drake Meadery and Bar- Drink Mead & Praise Odin
Earthfare- Thanks for fueling the volunteers
11 Athletics Magazine- Great to see you guys compete and support, can't wait to see how things develop
Kimberly Potterf Photography- I think August 6th is now officially change your Profile pick day
Addvision- Cant wait to see all the video
WOD Battle- Coming this fall check it out
Donchatz Law- Cant list it all here but thanks for both keeping me and getting me out of trouble
A special mention to a few other people, first of all my wife and family for supporting my craziness, my Dad for encouraging it growing up and handling all the scoring, My sister Kim ( Ok it's a good idea, you win),Michael for helping me get my brain around everything and keeping it organized ( I can't wait to see where we go with it next year),  Caroline and Jordan for scoring and registration, Mark for handling any and all gear challenges, Toby- once again no truck no gear, Ken & Jane for the hospitality, Josh Bunch and the Practice crew for announcing the event and  in general kicking ass. Jim, Sue and Ryan for organizing all the heats and judges. The Westerville North and Watkins Memorial wrestlers for all the muscle and last but certainly not least anyone I may have not mentioned here and everyone that just stepped up and anonymously helped out. You are all awesome
Stay tuned to the FC Games Page on FB and this blog for 2013 Event dates and locations (yes thats plural).
Thank you very much.