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Thank You to the community that decided easy wasn’t good enough

The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.

~John E. Southard

Every year it has been our goal to push a little harder and go a little further than before.  I think we kept to our tradition. Thank you and congratulations to the athletes who competed and gave us a very visual representation of that ethic. It takes a lot of people to step it up and pull off anything great and this was no exception.The list of thank you’s is as long as the list of people in attendance and participation of the event. If you volunteered ( planned or not) for any aspect of the event you have my sincerest appreciation. Its not easy for me to ask for help and your willingness to step in and make it awesome is humbling. Thank you for all that you did and for my reaffirmed faith in people to be cool. [caption id="attachment_1743" align="alignleft" width="640"]Fran and Then Fran and Then[/caption] Rather than try and rattle off every person I can think of( I always forget someone obvious) I will be posting a blog a day to recognize different areas of the event. Rogue Fitness has been supplying the Gym and FC Summer Games the best CrossFit Equipment available since we started.  Every year the stuff gets better and the people that make it such a successful company go above and beyond to make it the best and safest event possible. Thank you.