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Team Week

Get your partners and get ready September 21st -27th is FC Team Week. What is FC Team Week? Stop asking so many questions and listen up. All regular class WODs for that week will be Team or Partner WODs. We will be giving points all week to "registered' teams. Points will be based on WODs and other bonus point options. At the end of the week we will announce the top teams in four categories: David-Bush-2Coed P1,P2 - 1 Male,1 Female Men's P1,P2 -Two Men Women's P1,P2 - Two Women Coed P1,P2,P3,P4 - May be a combo of 2 male and 2 female teams from above, yes this means you would be on two teams. Frequently Annoying Questions Whyyy are we doing this? Because it's fun and it fits with the goals of the current phase of our training. This is the time of year when we focus more on heavier, faster work with more rest. This type of training is effective and lends itself really well to partner work outs. It also coincides with a week of max testing in the Squat,Bench Press & Deadlift and a little competition is a good way to push you to do your best. fc_arnold2014_webWho can be my partnerr? All humans. Your best bet is to pick someone you normally see. You will only get points for classes and work you do together so it should be someone you can depend on, will keep you accountable,will push you and is close to your ability level. If you need help getting a partner then let a coach know and we will set it up. Howw much does it cosst? Team Week is FREE to FC Members, if you have a friend from another gym they may participate as long as they pay for a weekly membership -$50. If they are new to CrossFit or can't do the movements safely and proficiently then competition isn't the way to get started. They would need to go through the normal start up process and catch us next time. OMG I'm sooo excited to score points. How do we do it, what do we get points for, this is soo AA-MAZE- BALLZ!  The scoring  system will be similar to the FC Challenge system, minus the food requirements and a few modifications. A basic and evolving list can be found here What are the WODs gunna be? We will post all WODs and lifts to Science Behind Sweat and post in the gym How many WODs can we do a day/week? WOD your face and palms off! While I would not recommend it on a regular basis due to the nature of these work outs and this being such an epic event there will NOT be any limit on the number of WODs and Days you can do but don't be a dumbass if it hurts or you can't move after a few days, rest a day and go back at it hard the next. You have a week so get a plan. This sounds like the coolest thing ever and I have to sign up, how do I do it?  Pay attention this is the last one I'm going to answer. To sign up all you have to do is e-mail the following to To: CC: your partners email Subject: FC Team Week Message: Register me: (insert Name) and my partner (insert Name) for FC Team Week Now get signed up and quit asking so many questions!