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Simple, effective, beautiful - Tabatta

Drunk on the glory that comes with a PR clean and jerk or an 8-plate deadlift, CrossFitters sometimes overlook the beauty and importance of simple human movement. Air squats, push ups, sit ups, and even KB swings test our ability to control our own bodies. Your midline is key in all of these movements. No rounded backs. Keep a tight core and NEUTRAL SPINE. You only have to focus on this point of performance for :20 at a time. Be disciplined. Also, GO. FAST.  Tabatta workouts are most effective when you go all out for the :20–it's a :20 sprint. Sandbagging the :20 or stopping at :17 or :18 is cheating yourself. Slowing down because of fatigue is a natural part of the workout, but quitting early is just quitting. Move until you hear a beep.