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Scap Sauce

I really like this for a day 3 event. Both because everything it takes to do events 1-5 will be taxed crushed and because athletes will be forced to use what they have left to get it all done under 16 minutes. If you haven't been preparing your shoulders for a lot of volume chest to bar and the deficit will be difficult. Now that the obvious is out of the way - Gym and Event rowers are pre calculated but here is a bit on how you can dial in your own Rower for Calories.  For the WOD go at the row with a big leg drive and a relaxed pull from the arms. Move with urgency and minimal rest on pull ups, drop before you start grinding but get right back up on the bar and move. I'm glad to see we are approaching full range of motion  as a competition standard. Strategy for DHSU is same as chest to bars-break before you are broken but get back at it. The best will not even stop. In under 16 minutes this will be a burner. This has the best in the world moving faster than 3 minutes/round. Think about that, they will go sub 1 minute on the row and blast out the pull ups and HSPU in not much more time. If you are knocking on their door try this as it is. If you're not, try scaling to move that fast. What can you row in a hard minute? How many pull ups ( C2B or chin over) can you do in one UB set of :30-:40? How many HSPUs ( deficit or floor) can you do in :40? Find rep schemes and movements that fit that pace. If keeping that pace is only doable for a few rounds make it an interval and take a minute break between rounds.