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saturday savagery

We were a bunch of animals  in the warmup today. Frog Jumps, duck walks, bear crawls, crab walks, inchworms, spiderman lunges, etc….pick just about any animal and mimic its movement for a good warmup.

  WOD #1: More of moderate intensity chipper of different movements. After a long week of tough workouts, we used this time to just get the body moving and sweating.  We split into teams of four people.  All team members carried the log together, and  each person completed the number of prescribed reps, with 1 person doing work at a time. Took us about 20-25 minutes or so. 250m log carry. 40 box jumps. 4 railing climbs. 30 pushups. 250m log carry. 20 pullups. 4 railing climbs. 10 HSPU


 WOD#2. This is where the fun began, and the loin cloths and war paint came out. We did our best to divide the group into equal teams of 6 people for a TUG-O-WAR TOURNAMENT! Meet the teams: Ramrod, Eleet, Bulldogs, and Indecisive.  It was an intense battle. Many left with sore hands, rope burns, and raspy voices (from the screaming!) Watching these matches was immensely entertaining, as I have never seen many of our members with such intense expressions, or heard some of the sounds that came out of them as they strained with all their might to win. On a serious note however, pulling something is one of the most basic functions our body can perform. Generations ago, most of our everyday physical labor involved pulling, and including such movements in your current exercise routine may help fight the "continued disintegraion of adult posture."  In many cases it takes just about every muscle in our body to perform the task, especially when trying to overcome another team that is pulling right back at you:)

  Tons of fun today.