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Ryan Taylor

Featured Athlete

Ryan Taylor Name: Ryan ‘Fire breather’ Taylor Hometown: Westerville, OH Occupation: Procurement Specialist at Abbott Nutrition, Level 1 CF Trainer How long have you done CrossFit:  August 2010 Background/sports played:  Wrestling, Triathlons (50), Marathons (12), Iron Mans (4) Favorite lift/movement:  Muscle Up Least favorite lift/movement: None, I embrace the suck. Favorite WOD:  "Fran", b/c I kicked her a$$. Least favorite WOD: None. I embrace the suck, remember? I like....watching re-runs of Golden Girls. I eat….raw meat, for breakfast. I do...what I want. I am....a WOD Killa. Something people would be surprised to know about you: I smile, and I love kittens. Military Service: F.A.S.T. Company (Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team) Served from 1993-1998 USMC. Missions in Somalia, Bahrain, Liberia, and Haiti.