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row, row, row, row

Due to the size of classes and the limited amout of Concept 2 rowing machines at the gym, we know that it is very difficult to program WODs that utilize these awesome and brutal machines. So, we would like to present to you “Open Rowing Season”! Please see rules and regulations below:


▪ C2’s will be open for use Monday thru Friday 6am-7:30am. If you can’t get up, sorry. ▪ There are no reservations. First come, first served. We will limit rower usage to 25-30min AT MOST. Warm up and wait your turn if people are using them all. ▪ Other than grunting and sweating (and maybe vomiting), DO NOT be a distraction to classes or training sessions during this time (i.e. talking really loud and being a jackass) ▪ Use your session on the rower as your workout for the day. Multiple workout days are okay a couple times a week.  But, if you row in the morning, please rest and come back in evening for class. Try to avoid “stacking” a bunch of classes all together. For example, you come to gym and do Run WOD, then class WOD, and then Oly lift. And you wonder why your body has broken down or that you get no real quality training sessions? ▪ We will be posting a board on the wall by the C2’s with the week’s rowing workouts. There will probably be 4-5 options, plenty of variety for whatever your goals are for that training session. Please write your name and results on the board for others to see and try to beat. This will be very fun and competitive. If you come in and see Joe Blow hit a 500m in 1:22.1 , and that’s what you were planning on doing, try to beat his score! Set goals for each other. ▪ If you suck at rowing and your technique makes people vomit, seek the advice of people at FC who are more experienced. And it only takes a couple of minutes to watch some videos online of coaches and instructors demonstrating rowing technique. LEARN THEM. You don’t have to break a world record, but learn how to put yourself in a better/healthier position before you hurt yourself. ▪ Please refer to the paragraph above if the following terms are foreign to you : split time, stroke rate, damper setting, catch, drive, finish, or recovery. They are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in having an understanding of what the hell you are doing on the rowing machine.


With the Run WOD class coming back, and these Rowing time slots, please take advantage. Use them to supplement a class WOD for that day, or like I said above, train in the AM and come back in the PM. Believe me, if you commit to one training session, it’s probably all you need for that day most of the time. Give your best on a 5x500m interval session for time on the rower and tell me if you need to do anything else more difficult for the day:)