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Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

Postion, position, position. We stress it everyday. Starting, moving and finishing in optimum position effects your ability to perform every physical task in daily living. Be it lifting a wiggling toddler out of a minivan or snatching 135 pounds. Added speed, reps and weight do not enhance position, they challenge it. In some cases they destroy it. But through diligent focused practice you will rise to and benefit from that challenge. If you have spent some dedicated time getting better at the olympic lifts you have earned the right to try this WOD with Rxed movements ( Power Snatch & OHS) at about 65-70% or a 1 RM Power Snatch. If you haven't earned your turn to do heavish snatches in a WOD A) Ask a  coach when you can get some dedicated time to improve. There probably isn't another thing you can do to increase your performance in CrossFit. B) Try using a DB or KB for the WOD, Yes the OHS is difficult so you might have to go really light but its better than practicing the wrong thing a zillion times and making some lame ass excuse like " I'm just not built for it" or " those people are just better athletes than me"