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March 8th Friday Night Light 13.1 Wrap up Info

Great job everyone. I hope everyone had a good time and was pushed/supported in a fun,fair and fast environment. Whether you judged,competed, coached ,cheered or provided any other level of support for the event you have my deepest gratitude ( even if it doesn't sound like it through a bull horn). You are why we do it. Below are  a few details to wrap up the event. Pictures- Kim Potterf got a lot of really great pictures. You can find them at the WOD Gallery. Lots of great WOD faces Scoring- Please make sure to enter your score and mark CrossFit 614 as the affiliate . Hopefully you did this last night but if not record the location you did it at along with your score, tie breaker and  judge. This SHOULD all be at the bottom of the part of the score sheet you SHOULD have taken with you. We all mess up from time to time so if you lost it and cant figure it out or have other questions email and we will do our best to help you out.Please include your phone number and coach affiliate in email. Our gym will be open from 12-2 on Sunday you are welcome to pick up your score then if you need it. If you do not have a resolution by Sunday at 2:00 PM sorry we cant help you, do it over and get your score in before the deadline on the games page. Please,please,please no pretty please emails. We will do everything we can but be cool and get it done early.