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Here is a twist on 14.4 ( the last time everyone went crazy about muscle ups in the open). Start off with a 60 calorie row. Rowing is still in the mix for the open so paying attention to how long this takes will help with strategy later. Stay steady on T2B and make sure you're getting good reps ( feet together, scaps retracted and tight kips) don't just scorpion spine/blast through them. We finally got some sun, run deliberately but enjoy the air and sunshine. The run will be faster and less taxing than wall balls so you will end up fresher for cleans and muscle ups, you're welcome. Pick a weight you can move fast and clean ( no pun intended). By clean I mean good smooth technique. Practice cycling a barbell, getting multiple unbroken reps, elbows in front of bar and catching in the rack (as oppose to catching in front and grinding/pressing up). High rep cleans haven't come up yet so use this as extra skill work. Don't spend 30 reps moving like shit just so you can say you did it Rxed. If you aren't cleaning 225/150 don't Rx the cleans. Back off to about 65% of a 1rm clean, move perfect and fast. Still frustrated you didn't get more muscle ups on 15.3 well here is an excellent shot to keep that energy moving toward progress rather than waiting till 16.3 to decide muscle ups are important again. If you're new to muscle ups get some reps under your belt. If not lets make them really good reps. Again don't ┬áscorpion back/blast through them. Challenge yourself to be better not just faster.