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Kyle Collins

Featured Athlete

Kyle Collins Name: Kyle Collins Hometown: Worthington, OH Occupation: Personal Trainer/Army stud How long have you done CrossFit:  Less than 1 year (formally) Background/sports played:  Basketball, soccer, and track and field Favorite lift/movement:  clean/deadlift Least favorite lift/movement: strict press Favorite WOD:  King Kong Least favorite WOD: Anything with handstand pushups or overhead squats I like....getting up early and running at Highbanks or Antrim with my dog. I eat....most anything as long as it's not spicy, and I don't drink. I do...everything I can to beat Tony Weber in a WOD! (this one is true) I am....deathly afraid of heights even though I'm Airborne. Something people would be surprised to know about you: -- Military Service: 1LT and the S-6 for a Civil Affairs (Airborne) unit. Deployment to Afghanistan in the next few months.