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Kipp Abbott

Featured Athlete

Kipp AbbottName: Kipp Abbott Hometown: Lancaster, OH Occupation: Operations Manager, QStart Labs How long have you done CrossFit: Since April 2010 (was part of the first ever FC OnRamp group) Background/sports played: Weightlifting Favorite lift/movement: Deadlift Least favorite lift/movement: Yoke push Favorite WOD: Any couplet or triplet with Deadlift as one of the movements Least favorite WOD: Barbell Complex (with a Double-under or Burpee penalty per bar drop) I like...coming home to my wife and kids each day. I eat...chicken, meat, fruit, veggies, milk, eggs and chocolate. (c'mon who doesn't like chocolate?) I do...hope to retire early. I am...obsessive compulsive. Something people would be surprised to know about you: Depending upon the activity my "dominant hand" changes:
Right hand dominant: - writing - eating - kicking (football, soccer) - golfing - batting (baseball) - basketball (dribbling and shooting) Left hand dominant: - throwing (football, baseball) - bowling - punching (boxing)