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Kenny Tong

Featured Athlete

Kenny TongName: Kenny Tong Hometown: Carroll, Iowa Occupation: Structural Engineer, Federal Highway Administration How long have you done CrossFit: 6 months Background/sports played: Basketball Favorite lift/movement: Pull-ups and Double-Unders (basically anything Cardio) Least favorite lift/movement: Overhead Squats Favorite WOD: Annie Least favorite WOD: The 10,000 # Lift WOD I like...traveling and taking on adventures with a good group of friends. I eat...sushi and pho, healthy and delicious. I making people laugh. I am...friendly and very easy going. I get along with just about anybody. Something people would be surprised to know about you: Aside from my X-Ray vision, I absolutely love snowboarding. I may not be able to do Double McTwists or even a 360, just from flying down the mountain, I feel peaceful and happy.