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Kate Karnitis

Featured Athlete

Kate KarnitisName: Kate Karnitis Hometown: Perrysburg, OH Occupation: Student/Kaplan Instructor How long have you done CrossFit: 1.5 years Background/sports played: Crew (rowing), Triathlon, Equestrian sports Favorite lift/movement: Back Squat Least favorite lift/movement: Push-Ups! Favorite WOD: Fight Gone Bad Least favorite WOD: Anything with Push-ups (especially Cindy) I like...anything involving water and the outdoors. I also like to cook, bake, travel and watch some sports (tennis, NBA finals, big soccer games). I eat...most things. I've been trying to do paleo/raw food whenever I can but nothing can keep me from brownies, good bread and yogurt. I, crossfit and triathlons. I am...currently finishing up my undergrad at OSU and then I'll either be going into teaching or medicine. Keeping my options open :) I also teach for Kaplan Test Prep. Something people would be surprised to know about you: I can speak German? some people might not know that...or I grew up taking care of horses and chickens. I am also HORRIBLE at winter sports (except cross-country skiing).