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Kari Lazroff

Featured Athlete

kari-lazroff-1Age: 31 Hometown: Fairfield, Ohio (outside of Cincy) Occupation: Office Manager, Fishel Hass Kim Albrecht How long have you done CrossFit? My two year anniversary is in August. What do you LOVE seeing on the whiteboard when you get to Fit Club? Why? Anything and everything involving any variation of squatting and deadlifting. Those are my strong areas so beast mode will ensue if I am doing these in a workout. What do you HATE seeing on the whiteboard when you get to Fit Club? Why? Hand stand push ups, pull-ups, running.... I can go on. I am a bigger girl and these things don't fair well for me. What’s your go-to “cheat” meal? (not that you do it very often, right?) PIZZA. I love pizza. End of story. Favorite Mitch-ism They're heavy because they're called weights, if they weren't they'd be call lights. What's the biggest change you've seen in yourself since beginning CrossFit? That I can lift really heavy things and sometimes that number is more than your average man can handle. That's pretty cool for a girl who has always struggled with her weight and didn't really start working out until she was in her mid 20s. kari-lazroff-2What has Fit Club/CrossFit taught you about yourself? Never say never. I never thought I could do rope climbs or pull-ups or half the stuff we do on a daily basis. I may not be the best but that isn't the point. I am doing stuff I never thought I would be able to do. What motivates you to push yourself further? Stop your bitching and keep moving. You'll feel so much better when you are finished with this workout and can eat!!!! Tell us something cool that we might not know about you I have worn flip flops to all major events in my life - proms, graduations, wedding. I have quite the collection, or did at one point. You and Steve recently became parents to a beautiful baby boy, and you impressively CrossFitted up until the day before. How did CrossFit/Fit Club help shape your experience? Working out in general helped me out during my entire pregnancy.  I had a fairly easy pregnancy and delivery experience. I have no doubt that working out contributed to that.  During delivery I was referred to as the power lifter chick. All that heavy lifting came in handy when it came time to push, that is for sure. And yes I was laughing in the delivery room!