Specialties: Physical Therapy, CrossFit, Endurance

Mike Lawless, DPT 

- Bachelor's of Exercise Science, The Ohio State University, 2017
- Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Dayton, 2020 
- Myopain Level 1 Dry Needling Certification 
My love for Crossfit started in 2014 at OSU looking for a way to compete as a washed up high school athlete. In 2016, I got into coaching as part of my exercise science internship and have loved it ever since. During PT school, I gained a passion for helping people move more efficiently to perform to the best of their ability in workouts. Personally, my favorite types of workouts are long hero WODs that require a lot of work over a longer period of time. My coaching will focus on helping you move the best to crush those longer WODs!