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The truth is things don't get done so much because of inspiration but because of action. All the people it takes to pull of 40 WODs with 20 people in one day is no small undertaking and it doesn't get done just because it's cool but because people are really awesome and they step up to handle some business. For the past four years I have tried to plan everything out  and we always forget something, are wrong about others or just straight mess up ( I am sorry). Somehow it always works out  mainly because a lot of people just step up, they follow, they lead, they get it done  under time and pressure.  This is truly one of my favorite aspects of this whole CrossFit thing. We are a culture based on going all out and that carries over to everything we put our name on.


Special thanks are in order for the following people.

Leighann & Kristin-I’m an idea guy but organizing the details of  those ideas, not so much. From Volunteer and Athlete registration and check in right on down to judging and a million other details I will discover over the next year you guys did great and I sincerely thank you.

Ken-my goal was for you to feed the volunteers well and NOT practice law. You did a great job with the food and anything else we needed. Thanks for stepping up, now hopefully I can follow up on the rest

Color guardRenee and the Color Guard- A beautiful well done salute to our country. Thank you for starting the day with the right tone and your continued service.

DJ’s Dill & Kittle, after the stage last year I was a little concerned we wouldn’t be able to pull music off this year from chariots of fire to techno you guys kept everyone moving and entertained thank you. You also did an awesome job on the plaques

Josh Bunch- This is one of the coolest guys in CrossFit. Anyone who has had to listen to me do color commentary is extra thankful for all the fun you injected into the event. if anybody is looking to volunteer or compete in a great September event go here and sign up, you’ll have a great time.

Gear- For four years we have been bringing all or most of our gear to a park and hoping it all comes back. This requires a truck and some committed organization to make happen.  Toby, even though we put less miles on the truck this year I’m pretty sure the bikes made up the difference, We’re all about being green. Thank You.

“I want to put a 20 person rig on the hill and have 20 people pulling sleds in the field” - “Easy” Thanks to Mark, Matt, Tim and all the other gear volunteers (some of whom pulled sleds for an hour in flip flops) for making that the only answer on Saturday.

The timing for this years run and much of the prize money wouldn't have been possible with out the support of Columbus Running Company.  Their knowledge of running and support of Crossfit are second to none, if your local or in the area check out some of their events  or get some gear, They carry the stuff that makes running with bricks easy. Thank you for your belief and support in the event.