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Ian Klein

Featured Athlete

ian-klein-2Age: 28 Hometown: Westerville, Ohio Occupation: PE teacher, sports coach, guy who is at FC a lot How long have you done CrossFit? Just over 2 years. What do you LOVE seeing on the whiteboard when you get to Fit Club? Why? Anything that doesn't involve a lot of skill. Lots of things that are big brut strength stuff. Give me bench, dead lift, sled pulls. Don't say snatch say ground to over head, don't say jerk say shoulder to over head, half the time I'll just press it out, unless I'm told not to. And why? "Because its just not enough weight!" What do you HATE seeing on the whiteboard when you get to Fit Club? Why? Over head squat, snatch, pistols (all thanks to mobility), hand stand walk (you try walking on your hands and weighing 235). Im not a small human. So body weight stuff is normally a bit rougher for me. Not to say Im bad at all of it, but pull ups at 235 are a bit tougher, and it takes a bit more out of you to do a burpee or a box jump with that weight. If you doubt me we have weight vests. Go give it a try. What’s your go-to “cheat” meal? (not that you do it very often, right?) Chat meal? So you are then assuming I diet? haha. Good one. Favorite Mitch-ism If you can't do it then just stare at the bar in shame until you can do it. ian-klein-1What's the biggest change you've seen in yourself since beginning CrossFit? I'm becoming more confident in my strengths and I am more apt to try and correct my weaknesses. I am also seeing that some things that I once saw as strengths are not at all. What has Fit Club/CrossFit taught you about yourself? CrossFit is a humbling experience at times. One day you come in and you are on cloud nine looking at the WOD. The next you are at the back of the pack thinking "how am I going to do that!?" Its good for me that I have not always been the best, and yet always wanted to be. The big thing about CrossFit is that it allows me to I know I'm not the best, and that I will always have more room to work to improve my weaknesses. It also helps to have a good community to help push you and keep you doing the right things. What motivates you to push yourself further? During a work out its all about the doing, looking over and seeing someone else right there with you, having a coach tell you "get lower." After it's about what I see in the mirror, and how I feel after a hard day. I love to work out, I have always enjoyed the feeling of accomplishing something that knocks you on your ass, Im not saying I love going to that dark place, but I know why we have to go there. That's part of it. What advice would you give a person new to CrossFit, or who's only just thinking about getting started? Listend to what the coaches say, and buy into it. If you ever have time to do extra take the time to do it. And if you need form, your not strong enough (joke). All that barbell kipping stuff. Just pick it up and put it over your head. But yeah, listen to the coaches.