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How to get started

Fit Club FAQs Thanks for your interest in training at Fit Club. We are a community of people dedicated to fitness programming that improves practical physical performance. Please read through the FAQ list and send us an email or give us a call to get started. What is CrossFit ? – CrossFit is constantly varied (Work outs are all different) functional movement ( what your body is naturally meant to do)  at intensity (your best with a group of other people). CrossFit can be scaled up or down ( this is the coaches job) to meet the training needs of each athlete. In this way we can have all fitness levels train together. Check out this article for a great perspective What is Fitness Why should I train at Fit Club ? If you don’t want to be pushed and coached, if you really don’t care about accomplishing anything with your work out program DO NOT come to Fit Club, stay where your at. If you really enjoy your fitness program and don’t want to try anything new or meet new people, stay where your at.  If you want to work hard , get measurable results and have fun with lots of cool people, give us a try. All gyms and coaches are different  some are great and some not so great.  CrossFit is like any other service the difference between greatness and goodness ( we don't think good is good enough) is the people. If you spend a lot of time on the internet you can find a lot of the not so great  but you generally have to meet people to find out what's great for you. I think the FC is a great place to train but I'm biased so ask these people  or better yet make and appointment and come see for yourself It look scary/crazy/insane Im not sure if I can do this? Fit Club is a community of committed coaches and athletes.  Our Coaches and athletes have a diverse and experienced athletic and non athletic background. We are all shapes, sizes and ages, you can do this, we know because we see people do new and amazing things everyday. But as the saying goes whether you think you can or you can’t your right. If you think you can (we do) give us a call and lets get started How do I get ready for CrossFit? The best way to get ready for CrossFit is to CrossFit that’s why we have the OnRamp program its for beginners. If you don’t feel ready after your first OnRamp you can repeat it. How much does it cost? Details about our Programs and Pricing are listed here How do I get started? New members start a few different ways: 1) Give us a call or email to schedule a free appointment to try it out.  Please do not just stop by. We appreciate your excitement but our coaches are busy coaching other athletes during the WODs, and may not be available to answer questions. If you make an appointment we will arrange to have a coach available to speak with you.But I just want to watch? Great make an appointment and we will explain what you’re watching. After your initial work out the coach will determine the safest, fastest way for you to get started in the regulars WODs. Here are your possible options 2A) OnRamp Group Sessions- The OnRamp meets Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6:30 PM. The goal of these sessions is to gradually introduce you to CrossFit and teach you all the fundamentals. It is required to attend or make up all sessions; the class meets for 4 weeks and starts at the beginning of each month. The OnRamp is $150. Or 2B) OnRamp 1 on 1-10 -30 minute Personal Training sessions- this is the same as the OnRamp group sessions but at a schedule of your choosing. These sessions are $300. If you have previous CrossFit or similar experience we may waive some or all of the initial sessions. We determine this in your initial work out. Then What? - Once the OnRamp is completed you are ready to join the regular WOD schedule. FC Membership includes unlimited weekly WODs and is either $150/month for one month or if you commit to train for six month's we will draft $120/month off of a credit or debit card. Sounds great lets get started?- Now all you have to do is contact us via email or phone to schedule that initial appointment. We look forward to hearing from you and getting started.