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Hal Brewster

Featured Athlete

Hal BrewsterName: Hal Brewster Hometown: Boardman, Ohio Occupation: Grad Student How long have you done CrossFit: Since November 2008. I did it off the main site with some Army buddies until joining Fit Club in July 2010. I am now a member of District Crossfit in DC Background/sports played: ---- Favorite lift/movement: ---- Least favorite lift/movement: Thrusters Favorite WOD: ----- Least favorite WOD: Van's Veterans Day Elbow/Knee de-skinner I like....Reading, hiking, and working for Ken Donchatz. I eat...Mostly Paleo but I break on the weekends. Plus I like cheese too much. I do...A lot of studying these days. I am....Worried that this is going to be a bad, bad year for the Buckeyes. Something people would be surprised to know about you: I can do a muscle up, but only one, and never when I have to do them for a WOD. Actually, that's probably not that surprising... Military Experience: Active Duty Army 2006-2010. Armor/Cavalry Branch. Attained rank of Captain. Served in Baghdad Province Iraq from 2008-2009 as a Scout/Sniper Platoon Leader.