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GORUCK Lite Challenge I'm In - Are You?

Some inspiration for those of you who are "on the fence" about doing the GORUCK Lite Challlenge or any other challenge for that matter Mitch, Yesterday you asked me if I was “in” for the GRL.  When I climbed in my car I started to laugh because, I realize that after one year of “lifting heavy shit” I’m always going to be in. 0 I moved to Columbus June 30 with the idea of finding a gym with a swimming pool. My first day at work I Googled gyms in the area and found FC. It didn’t have a pool, but it looked interesting so I did a walk-in.  Within 20 min, I stopped and sat down (I don’t think I even attempted the WOD) you walked up to me and said “It’s not for everybody.”  That was my trigger.  I signed up for July OnRamp and I had to give myself a pep talk every day before class. The WODs were hard, but I wrestled most of my life, so I remember how to push beyond the pain. The realization of just how unhealthy I had allowed myself to become, was hard for me to confront. July 2012: At 225 lbs. I ate anything fried/processed/genetically engineered and I avoided anything green or natural.  I sat at my desk all day drinking large pops and snacking on vending machine treats.  I worked out 2 times a week (really I ran 2 miles at a slow pace) and went to bed around 1am most nights and got up around 7am.  My life was spent at bars or in front of my TV.  I was also a two pack a week smoker. Starting at the old gym (Not a Box).  was a trip.  Coming from a Lifetime membership I was shocked that there wasn’t a towel stand at every platform or a TV showing some daytime soap.  The gym is “where work gets done” and that’s how I see it now… an extension of my cube, where I work to improve my life.  Between the old and the new locations, a lot has changed, but the intensity hasn’t.   I have developed a keen eye for adding plate weight and I can now estimate how much “suck” to expect based on sweat puddles.  I feel equal parts, fear and excitement, when I see a Rogue Box sitting in the loading dock.  The place is improving every day, and you think so far outside of the box, when it comes to challenging your athletes, it astounds everyone.  During the FC Games 0.2 the Elite competitors were not prepared for the black dot.  I even saw visitors try and hit it just to feel the pain.  I bet most affiliates have since added their own if possible. Dave, Kandi, James, Ryan, Rachel, and You are sadist.  And I mean that in the best possible sense of the word.  You have all been encouraging but you will demand the effort if it’s not being given.  The coaches genuinely want to see everyone improve and even if they’re not leading the class they will walk over and give personal instruction when needed.  BUT most importantly, “You know your shit.”  Since joining FC when I’m out of town I’ll attend CrossFit affiliates and I have realized that is not always the case.  I literally stopped a class in Northern Michigan because they just Googled “How to Snatch” and were trying to coach via YouTube.  All I thought was, “John Dill would not be happy about this.”   The WODs are deceiving at times and grueling  at others and some are just blatantly horrible.  You know what you’re asking of your athletes and you know what you expect to see.  And the crazy part is, we, the athletes, want to do it.  If I showed up and the WOD simply said “break bricks with your hands” I wouldn’t question the logic, I would start gathering bricks. I have lived all over the country.  I have joined all sorts of organizations/ clubs/ teams/ classes and I have met some great people.  But every-single-person you have gathered/ attracted/ retained at FC is amazing.  Because of the Challenge/ The Open/ GoRuck/ Attending Regionals/ FC Summer Games I have made some of my closest friends in years, at your gym.  I started with 3 classes a week, now I’m a 5 day-er.  I’m not worried about missing the class, I’m worried about missing my friends.  My buddy hit his first MU yesterday and I was as excited as when I hit my first.  But we are not just supporting each other at the gym.  We help each other move, and raise money, and find jobs, and attend plays.  We take the tasks of encouraging and helping each other very seriously, and into the real world.  The community of CrossFit is great, but the FC is on its own level and I believe that comes back to you. Today: At 195 lbs. I eat 80/20 Paleo and I cook most of my own food.  My job place satisfaction, and performance at work has improved immeasurably.  No more vending machines visits, as I have almonds, fruits, and veggies in the fridge.  I sleep 8 hours a night and I don’t waste my day in front of a TV.  I quit smoking January because of the Challenge and I haven’t looked back.  I have noticed a vast improvement in my quality of life.  The only down side to this lifestyle change in all of my clothes are 2-to-3 sizes to big (suits are expensive to tailor).You have change the entire course of my life.  And for that I’ll be eternally grateful.In summation, I’m in for the GRL and I’m in for anything else you throw at me. Cheers, Andy Engardio GO RUCK Lite Challenge - go get some >>