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Go Ruck- Don't Quit

It's good to see a lot of excitement about the Go Ruck Challenge (GRC). If you havent signed up you should or find some other worthy physical or mental challenge to get ready for. If you don't know where your going your not going to get there. We spend a lot of time training and testing training but its important to embrace a challenge that enables you to use your fitness to do cool stuff. What's the point in being ready for the zombie apocalypse if you never actually get to kill zombies. I'm pretty sure the GRC won't let you kill anything but you get my point. If you are signed up there are a few things you need to know, specifically this is focused on the GRC but I think they hold for other events as well, sorry no cuddling,pretty please or sugar coating
  • The Cadre know your coming and they know what kind of stuff you're used to doing. You have a target on your back. Your welcome. Be prepared. You are capable.
  • The GRC is more about mental toughness than physical fitness. A high level of fitness helps but regardless of where your at, they are going to find your breaking point ( you don't want that to be 2 hours in).Start getting used to stuff that sucks. ( WODs,The Extra, cold showers, ice bathes, sand etc.)
  • The FC WODs and a little extra will prepare you very well. Trust the process now and when you want to quit.
  • DO NOT EVER QUIT A WOD , this means stopping, whining about injuries or weight, scaling it on your own,settling for mid WOD compromises ( "its hard, it's heavy....." ) you made your bed, lie in it. Be committed.
  • DO NOT EVER lay on the ground like some wounded,submissive animal- that shit is embarrassing. DONT DO IT, BE TOUGHER!
  •  I will post extra GRC training to be completed after each WOD. This will be on the whiteboard so you have to come in and do it, not sit on the internet and cherry pick for something that looks interesting.You should get together with people post WOD and do the extra work. I will also set up seperate GRC training sessions, be there.
  • During training for anything worth while (and during the event) you will want to quit or at least wish it to be over, that's normal, just relax,put on your big kid pants, do the work and embrace the suck.
  • This is a worthy challenge. You will have a lot or to be proud of when you finish but many before you have and are doing worse. If you quit, you shame them all. DONT QUIT!
  • The GRC is a team challenge, your team will get you through it. Be ready to step up and lead, be ready to shut up and follow.
  • Have fun with it, know that accomplishment of this task separates you from the doubt filled, weak willed envious naysayers that say "why would you do that"  They only question you because they are projecting their own self doubt onto you,it helps them cope with their insecurity. We all do it be understanding hopefully  your new found strength will motivate them to do something awesome.
  • And finally the best bit of advice I ever got - "If you quit, we can't be friends and I'm serious."
A Little Extra Run  1 mile with bricks Run 800 m with bag Farmers walk- 400 m Sled pull 200 m Low Sled Push 100m Perform as fast as possible after the WOD.Partner up or do it solo, if you have to ask how much weight the answer is heavier. If you have any other questions the answer is Burpees. XXOO Mitch