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Fitter Athletes Are Better Athletes

GameFit is designed to push young, aspiring athletes to the next level through functional body mechanics, mobility, agility, and nutrition. GameFit is ideal for athletes looking to gain an edge over the competition. Most athletic training programs focus on isolated patterns of movements–thought to be sport specific. This can lead to overuse injuries and underdeveloped motor skills. GameFit creates complete, all-around athletes who are prepared for any challenge a sport can throw their way. And all of our programming can be modified to fit an athlete’s current ability.


Strength + Movement + Intensity

GameFit combines weightlifting, gymnastics, and with high intensity training to produce elite fitness. Under the instruction of our CrossFit certified trainers, proper weightlifting mechanics and functional movements are taught to enhance strength and power, while also focusing on basic gymnastics to increase agility, mobility and flexibility.

GameFit Works With What You're Already Doing

Whether your young athlete is looking for an addition to their sport specific training or a stand-alone strength and conditioning program, our coaches and trainers are committed to meeting each athlete’s needs and helping them achieve their goals.

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