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Friday night lights

We will start the first heat at 6 PM, we will run heats of 14 and start every 20 min. We may be able to add another 6-8/ heat based on judges& equipment but we will start the first heat with 14. A sign up will be on board - it's first come first serve. If you dont know how to find it use google for scioto audubon metro park follow the signs. There will be plenty of parking in the fence and park. We will also have food, porto johns and tickets to world of beer. Prizes The Coach that brings the most participants gets a steak, 1 lb of bacon to the guy and girl with coolest outfit/ most creative target (logistics pending)and a gift cert to milestone 229 for top score Guests- phone calls will be answered first followed by email and social media. FC Athletes - lets get as many people out of the way today as we can and follow up with a make up session Saturday from 12 -2 other make ups are by appointment only.