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Fit Club Movement Assessment

    Let’s face it, we all move differently. Through nature and nurture, we have developed different body types, compositions, skeletal structure, weight, height and so on. Some variation in form and appearance can be expected. But there is a qualitative standard that we must achieve in order to perform functional movements safely and correctly. We will begin offering to members and non-members alike, a functional movement assessment. This personal assessment will provide you with a more in-depth analysis of your current movement capabilities and qualities. We will focus not so much on levels of strength, conditioning or complex skills, but rather the qualities of mobility, stability, balance and coordination as they apply to fundamental body movement patterns. Assessing your body mechanics is vital not only to novices of Crossfit, but to high-level athletes as well. You will come away with a better understanding of some possible movement dysfunctions or imbalances, and methods to correct and scale/adjust your training accordingly. The benefits are such assessments are multifaceted and far-ranging. Below are just a few…   MOBILITY/FLEXIBILITY Movement may be inhibited by muscle and tissues that are basically stiff and immobile. Find out where and how to treat these areas specifically to increase your ROM. If you are unable to achieve the correct position of a movement, lacking adequate mobility will force your body to make compromises if you push it too far. NOT. GOOD.   baby POSTURE If you are a desk jockey, or pretty much a modern day homo sapien, you will probably encounter several assaults on a daily basis to maintaining correct posture. Learn how this may be affecting your fitness and overall health.   deadlift-technique-rounding-the-back-neutral-spine     IMPROVE PERFORMANCE In all areas of life;) Understanding and being able to move properly will drastically improve the efficiency in which you move your body and external objects. Inefficiencies can be costly because they exhaust your body more quickly, often making your body compromise in less than ideal ways. Increase your movement quality, and you will be more efficient, move bigger loads longer, improve your threshold, and stay healthy. At the highest level of Crossfit competition, these athletes not only possess enormous work ethic, desire, strength and athleticism, but superb technique and movement. Rich Froaning has a strong will and many freakish abilities, but he wins also because he moves with near perfection on almost anything demanded of him from the first rep to the last, regardless of fatigue and exhaustion.   crossfit-games-rich-f   HEALTH You enjoy exercising, right? Well, we want you to be able enjoy the benefits of it for your entire life. If you move with reckless abandon just to get the job done quickly, or keep up with the person next you, you may eventually be sorry you did. We’ve discussed the benefits above, and those things all contribute to you having and maintaining a healthy body FOR THE REST OF YOUR NATURAL BORN LIFE! Focus on the quality of your movements and technique before adding too much intensity, not the other way around. Why? Several reasons: you will burn out quickly of Crossfit and exercise, you will eventually stop making gains, and you may injure yourself. Take some personal responsibility to understand your current limitations and abilities. Check your ego at the door, be humble and establish a starting point to make progress. Just because you may walk in the door a former collegiate standout, doesn't mean that 400lb you just performed didn't look like this     AB     We want you improve your health and fitness all across the board. Sometimes it may take some individual assessing and corrective work to make those things happen—safely and correctly.   Please see Kristin if you are interested or have any further questions. 614.500.3883 30-45 minute Assessment and evaluation: $15 Challenge members $35 Members $60 Non-members ALSO, for those interested, we will offer 5-10 personal training sessions to build off assessment “results”.