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Fit Club athletes get their WOD on at West Chester competition

Crossfit Cornerstone, out of West Chester, OH hosted the Voice of America Games this past weekend. The day provided a good mix of local competition for those looking forward to the Crossfit Open qualifiers coming up soon. Fit Club arrived with four athletes: Ryan Taylor, Sarvas Berry, Chelsea Rankin and Ben Wenger (you know, that big guy who always lifts downstairs) and head cheerleader Dave Ulmer.  The team spent the night at a local Marriot Friday night to avoid early morning travel on Saturday. The 5th floor of the hotel was the scene of this strange case mounted on guest room door….


Upon asking the nice hotel clerk about the nature of the mysterious box, she said it was for “water problem” in a thick Eastern European accent. We later joked that this was most likely not the issue, and she had been told to say this. The incident did provide limitless material for comic relief as we all began using our best Russian accents to describe almost everything for the next 24 hours.

Don’t sleep on those single unders! (aka normal jump roping). WOD 1: 12 min AMRAP…200 single unders, 10 KB swings, 5/10 pullups/C2B.  Taylor blazed through this workout almost unstopped, as well as Rankin too; the chest to bar pullups really being the only movement that started to slow down at all. Berry was burning up the floor with fast rope-skipping, but fell victim to gravity on the pullup bar as WOD progressed. When asked about WOD, Wenger replied, “Well I didn’t do many single unders, so I didn’t think it was that bad.” He later said he was buying a new rope and practicing the next day. Sure Ben.


  WOD 2. For time, 7 minute cap: 7 DL (185/125), 14 HR Pushups, 21 Lateral bar hops. Rankin took the gold on this WOD for the ladies, even though she added, “my pushups freakin suck!”  Taylor took 2nd on this WOD (I think? Sorry, going from memory, he did well), quite possibly missing first place by a couple seconds from a valid “no rep” call on DL. For Berry, he flew outta the gate hard and fast. But the judge may have forgotten to tell him that the WOD was 5 rounds, not one round.

 WOD 3 (5 min cap) was a test of max Snatch for the firebreathers, and max ground to overhead for athlete division, followed by 3 minutes to complete max reps of said movement. Berry went No Holds Barred, ripping off his shirt pre-WOD, scaring half the people in the front row with his ink collection. The Big Bear hit a solid lift, but with some technique cleanup, has great Oly potential. Wenger put up a solid weight for the Men. Rankin (“Dill’s probably going to be so disappointed in me”) achieved a PR, and scored a high placement for this workout.


The finals. Rankin and Taylor make it to final WOD. No surprise here. Two- part Workout: Five minutes to establish max load weighted ring dip, weighted pullup, and max height jump, from the knees, onto stack of plates. Part-Deux: 15minute cap…50 DU’s, 50 air squats, 30 wallballs, 30 toes to bar, 10 wall climbs, 10 muscle up. Rankin was cooking through WOD, despite doing probably close to 500 wallballs. I remember sitting there thinking how many has she done?! Do not get “zeroed” on wallballs for not hitting the wall. Despite this, she was first onto the muscle ups. For the next few minutes, the crowd was going absolutely bananas cheering for these ladies to hit a muscle up. All of them were capable, but fatigue and exhausted arms had really taken a toll. Ranking can hit muscle ups, we’ve all seen it. But they were just barely out of grasp on this occasion, at the end of long-ass WOD and day.  RT’s strength movements to start final WOD were impressive, and he was off to start the chipper, to start the chipper, to…start..the chipper….”what the hell is going on with him out there, it’s like he forgot how to jump rope?!”, Sarvas and I remarked to each other watching from the crowd. Taylor is normally a double under machine, but sometimes in the heat of the moment we can forgot even the most practiced of skills. After a brief hiccup, Taylor dropped his rope, but he had put himself behind quite a bit. Undeterred, Taylor blazed through the rest of the WOD. After being the last to arrive on the rings, he beastmoded the MU’s to hit an impressive 3rd place comeback for the final WOD, and a great 3rd place finish overall. Taylor is currently living in a van down by the river and seeking counseling after his double under brainfart.


Rankin takes 1st place overall, even though as the winners were being announced she proclaimed “oh, I guess I didn’t get anything?” Yes, Chelsea, you did get something, 1st place, despite having to work on: “muscle up, squats, wallball, dips, pullups, pushups, hspu, presses…”. We all have things that we can improve, but enjoy and take pride in the things you do well!  Great job this weekend!