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FC Winter Challenge

If I have learned anything from doing this challenge over the last 3 years it is that everyone will have questions. The more info we put out the more questions there will be . So we're  keeping it simple and just putting out what you need to know. What is the FC Winter Challenge?- It's a ten week team based health,performance,nutrition and exercise challenge for Fit Club Members. We start with a test in event complete with a WOD,Strength assessment, bodyfat test, weigh in and bloodwork. We record the test in scores and after ten weeks of healthy liven we compare and see how much everyone improved. Winners will receive fabulous prizes,fame,fortune and a rocking bod. When does it start? -  Test in will be Sunday January 18th, You will be assigned/sign up for a specific time. If you cannot make one of the assigned times you will need to schedule a make up. Test out will be March 29th ( same gig). Whats up with the points- between test in and test out you will record points for various health and fitness behaviors. The people who score the most points generally see the most improvement but you can play the point game however you want. The point is to really focus on your health and fitness goals for an extended period of time with the help of your friends,team and coaches How much does it cost? This year we have two options: Option A) Full Challenge $120 includes Full Test In & Out ( Bodyfat,weight, bloodwork, strength and WOD, entry into the team competition and point competition and a 30 minute goal setting or coaching session and on your death bed you will receive eternal conscienceness) Option B) Con Sangre $50- Same as full challenge with out Bloodwork and  eternal conscienceness How do I sign up?- Email and say "I'm In!" What else do I need to know? We will have informational meetings the following times: Tuesday January  6th-6 PM Sunday January 11th 12 PM Wednesday January 14th 6 PM There is another twist but I'll announce that at the meetings. Those familiar with the now infamous challenge won't want to miss it So now all your question are answered all you have to do is send that email to Info@ohiofitclub, spend the next few weeks getting ready.