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FC Weekend Run

If you have been following our Run WODs to improve our running for CrossFit, endurance or fleeing large predators awesome. During the week we generally keep them shorter and faster. Longer slower runs are also part of our endurance program, I don't think repetitive, high volume long slow running is good for humans but the right dose can improve your work capacity during training and aid in recovery and preparation for longer events. "Road Work" is great for active recovery of the mind and body and they are necessary to prepare your body for the pounding of longer distance/volume events. With our programming schedule these generally fit best on weekends. They don't require a class and the pace can carry a bit. The point is get out on the road and spend some time at a slower, sustainable pace. Trails are a great way to break up the monotony and running through the city at night is always a good time. The longer the event the shorter the warm up. Start off with some squats ,inch worms push ups and pull ups to get everything moving then get started. Grab some friends and/or headphones and get cruising