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FC Summer Games Athletes This is all you need to know until check in

Registration is closed We will distribute heat assignment at Check in on Sunday. If you are registered and unable to compete for some reason I'm sorry do not assume you can just transfer your registration to a buddy. This is not always as easy as it sounds so please check with me first via email ( I am not making any changes after Thursday). I will do my best to be fair but there is still a decent list of people I couldn't get in. Please do not send anymore T- Shirt size emails, if you got me the email with in a week of me sending it you will get that size, if not I guessed and that usually works out. Ladies, they are a ladies cut, I will never not clarify that again.If you sent me a second or third email asking for a different size, start doing burpees now.
Check In Saturday 12-4
You can check in at our gym from 12-4 on Saturday,Do not go to the park on Saturday unless you want to listen to jazz, just come to our gym. If you are in town please do this as it will make our lives a lot easier on Sunday. We will have the gym open and you can go acrossed the street and walk the venue ( listen to Jazz). We filled the Hotel block at the Westin ( this is awesome and will help us get bigger and better deals in the future, thank you) We dont have any deals confirmed at these hotels but I would stay in these places. Tell them what your in town for and you may get a discounted rate ( we're still working on them)
I will validate registered athletes, if you park here. If you park anywhere else your on your own. You will get a parking validation ticket when you check in, if you lose it, thats it. You will NOT need to pay for parking ahead of time, you will get a regular ticket and insert the ticket we give you as payment when you leave, we will explain this at the event. Spectators should park here as well, because its cool to our sponsors but we aren't validating spectator parking.
Game day/Sunday 8.5.12
6A- ?- Gear set up, all are welcome to help. We have a lot of confirmed volunteers but many hands make light work, its also a good warm up. You simply havent lived until you have assembled two Rogue rigs on a stage.
7:30 - Volunteers and judges meeting- we need you please show up on time there will be coffee so dont be late
8:00 - Athletes Meeting- I will explain the details of the day, swear a lot and announce WOD 1 & 2 and answer any good questions
8:45- National Anthem- dont worry I hired a professional
8:55- Heat 1 Athletes take their positions
9:00- 3,2,1 ...Go the day begins
I have the rest of the day mapped out but we will not be posting until WOD 1 is done.We will post times for WOD 2,3 & the finals later on the day. We will post it on twitterFacebook, the blog and on the two giant screens in the park.
If all goes well we should be done by 6PM, then we will have a little after party at the gym
Be prepared
Rain will not be a problem as we have a giant stage, you still may get wet however so be prepared.
Suggested Gear List- A few shirts, shorts and pairs of socks, a tent or shade ( no tarps or tents with floors), water, some food, cooler, sunglasses, sun screen, towel, shoes for anything, jumprope, balls, bands,rollers or any other warm up stuff you like
Weather- Its either going to be hot and sunny or rain a bit, either way you should have some shade. The Athlete area will have shade for a good part of the day but will get sunny eventually so please be prepared. We will have water for sale and there is 1 water fountain, I would plan accordingly and hydrate for a few days prior and through out the event, it will be hot and you'll probably sweat. Out of towners, there is a grocery store here.
I'm very proud to announce that this years event is also a Fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project. After the event we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the WWP in the name of the Athletes and Volunteers that make this event all it can be. You are all also welcome to add to that donation on your own here
Now all that being said who's ready to kick some ass?