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FC Halloween- Friday October 31st

WTF is FC Halloween? It's the Halloween party that commemorates the most epic Halloween party in the history of halloween parties. WTF is going to happen? ¬†Aside from the usual hanging out and having a good time here is a rough itinerary: 4:30- regularly schedule WOD 6:00 - Halloween WOD followed by party and stuff 6ish-? - Party, Costume, Chili, Beer and Drank Contest and Cornhole Tourney (FC Rules) complete with fabulous prizes. WhoTF can come? all FC Members and guests. All you need to do is show up with A) Costume or B) Contest entry .If you come you will have a good time, get better looking,stronger,faster, save a kitten,puppy and tree,cure ebola,live a long happy life and defeat ISIS. If you choose to go to another party or stay home watching Netflix it's no big deal but the kittens,puppies and trees die and the terrorist win. So no pressure but in the event of a ebola outbreak/zombie¬†apocalypse where else would you rather be than in a nearly abandoned building with the coolest best looking people you know.