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FC Challenge Weeks 2 & 3 Update and Bonus Points

Two weeks are in the books Good Job. Before I get into the bonus point opportunities  let s reestablish some rules.
  1. please send all questions to
  2. Kristen Thompson made an awesome tracking sheet. We will be distributing it via email along with any other info you need. If you are not getting the emails please send an email to and we will get you updated.
  3. DO NOT email us your completed  tracking sheets. Turn in a real piece of paper when you come in to WOD. The tracking sheets will be simple and a completed version will be included for you to follow so track your week however you want but turn in a completed sheet with your name on it at the Monday WOD. We will work to update a master score sheet so we can see who is in the lead.
  4. Registration is closed, we can get you scheduled to do the testing at the OSU lab but it will cost $500. If we missed you sorry we will be doing it again.
Weeks 2 &3 Bonus Points Strength & Grace - Kim will be having a Photography exhibit at Rays Living Room during the gallery hop this Saturday from 4-10 PM. It's a great opportunity to see some photos of many local athletes and have those 2 glasses of wine you have been waiting all week. Viewing art and supporting friends is cool and what good is being healthy if your not cool. Be Cool, go to the show and pick up 2 Bonus Points. CrossFit Games Open Sectional- Registration begins February 1st and competition begins February 22nd. I will post more info on how the Open will unfold at Fit Club but for now go here , set up a profile and register for the competition. Anyone can and should compete so don't worry about how you will do compared to anyone else but you. Register for the Games- 1 point During the Open you will get 1 Bonus point for each WOD you do Rxed. So register for the open =1 point, complete al 5 open wods rxed=5 more bonus points ( yes this is over and above your regular 6 wods) "But I'm not strong enough to lift the Rxed Weights" First tell the negative voice to STFU then go back to work and get strong. We lift heavy on Mon,Wed & Fridays so dont miss and we have an Olympic Lifting program on Tuesday, Thursday ( Newbies come at 6:30) and Sundays (Newbies come at 1). Your allready going to the regular WODs so now try our Oly lifting program. Try 1 Oly session and get 1 Bonus point, attend 2/week and get 1 point each week. "But I'm to sore/unflexible" again STFU and do some work. We have a Mobility WOD from 6-6:30 Mondays and Wednesday. Try the Mobility WOD and pick up 1 bonus point after that you dont get anymore bonus points you'll just feel and move better. Again email any questions to