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FC Challenge Week Six Bonus Points

Five weeks in, almost halfway done or just getting started. We will post a full score sheet for all team next week. Hopefully you got your points turned in on time and things are going well. If you helped Matt & Shannon move on Saturday I want to say thank you and know they are appreciative as well. All the health & fitness stuff is cool but being part of a group of people that helps and supports one another is really gratifying. Week Six Bonus Points You can still register for the open and judges course as well as the other running point options ( Read a book,whole 30) This week we have a few other running point options. Bod Pod Body Composition analysis. 1 Pt.You are welcome to find your own provider. Turn in the analysis sheet and receive 1 point. This is a more accurate measure than the test we did in the beginning so if the number is different than what you hope/expect don't be discouraged. If you are in the middle of the whole 30 you cannot do this until you complete the Whole 30 as you are not allowed to weigh yourself as it voids the whole 30. Wellness Checks. 1 Pt each. Get your annual physical,dental, optometry, gynecological and other age and gender appropriate check ups.  Each check up gets you a point and is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you have done any of these during the past 5 weeks you may count it. Sign Up for a Post Challenge Challenge-5 points. You have the rest of the challenge to sign up for a post WOD challenge. It can be a race in the mud,over obstacles or on the road (5-50K feet,bikes and boats are good) A Go Ruck type event or CrossFit, Olympic lifting,Strongman or Powerlifting Competition. The competition must be completed by December 31,2013. If you are already registered for an event, you can count those points. The CrossFit Games open can't count twice, if you make it to regionals you can count that Upcoming events -  Arnold Week-  The Arnold Sports Festival is next week. If you have never gone it is truly an interesting experience to say the least. Im going to save all my PED and oompa loompa jokes for next week but there is also a lot of stuff for cool people as well. Specifically the olympic lifting  and crossfit competitions. If you can find time in your day please go support Jim, John and Annabeth at the Olympic Lifting Competition. We will post updates to the FB page as to when they are lifting. Right now the are scheduled for Friday at 12 & 6PM. The competition goes through out the weekend and features some of the best lifters from around country so anytime you can watch is worth it. The CrossFit Competition will be on Saturday. There will be a lot of fun stuff to do and see and if you get on it now you can sign up,compete and pick up a few points. You can also look forward to a weeks worth of WODs and "activities" at Fit Club inspired by man himself.  "I have no fear of fainting. I do squats until I fall over and pass out." Ahhhhhhhhh! - Arnold