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FC Challenge Week 4 Bonus

Three weeks down and everything is looking good. if you have been disciplined you are seeing and feeling some pretty positive changes, keep it up the best is yet to come.  As of last Sunday your points leader board looks like this:
Todd Denlinger 112
Amanda Williams 106 Jackie Borchardt 106 Todd Sexton 105 Alan Rill 104 Jen Kaperak 103 Kristin Coburn 103 Christopher Hamad 103 Lauren Robinson 103 Tony Rhonda Cook 103
Great Job everyone. The point system is designed to make things fun and competitive but also to give you a road map of activities and behaviors that will lead to the successful completion of your goals. The leaders are getting all the points they can not because of luck or because their day worked out in their favor but because they have replaced some old not so good habits and thinking with new productive habits and thinking. We get it, there will be obstacles, but go over, through or around them don't except your reasons as anything other than the excuses keeping you from your goals. You can have excuses or results but never both.
Week 4 Bonus points
What makes people successful? There are many different answers to this question but one constant regardless of the activity is successful habits. On February 7th at 7:45 PM psychotherapist Patrick Hanlin from The Relational group  will bring his knowledge and experience with behavior modification to facilitate a discussion of Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit. This is free to all and you can receive 3 point for attending. This will be at Fit Club, bring a chair.
 The Whole 30 or any challenge can be hard on your own. So enlist the help of friends. That's why we put you on teams so take advantage of it. Prepping all the food for a healthy week can be time consuming. Host a food prep party from now until the end of the challenge and you can pick up 2 points/week. " But I live in a box" great cook outs can be paleo too. I don't really care where you host it but you cant use the gym and you have to have your whole team present. Only one person can get host points for a party. Warning any wine you plan on consuming at said prep party is not paleo so be honest and help your friends.
No Such Thing as Natural Causes with Josh Bunch February 16th from 12-2 PM, register for this and pick up another 3 bonus points. More information to come soon but this should be especially helpful with all the why Paleo questions when the answer because I feel better doesn't suffice.
If you have fallen behind there are still some opportunities to catch up and more to come but don't wait, act now!