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FC Challenge Week 4 Bonus Point

Congratulations are in order. Fit Club kicked some ass this weekend on many levels! Kim's Strength and Grace exhibit was awesome and tons of people turned out to  support it and have a great time. We packed the gallery with more people than any other event since the galleries opening. Congratulations to Kim and all the models, we look forward to more cool art stuff. Our Olympic Lifting Club competed in the Pittsburgh Open. Hard work pays off as they all medaled. Congratulations to Kyle, Michael, Annabeth, Val and John for a great performance, we look to more lifting of heavy Week 4 Bonus Points We will be distributing the new score sheet via email Remember intentions aren't really worth much unless you act on them . So use those tickets you bought to The Happy Movie and pick up 3 bonus points My grandma used to tell me to eat a vegetable of every color each day. This was usually following a meal that was mostly white and brown but good advice non the less. This week try a new green or vegetable, one you haven't tried before and pick up 1 bonus point. Have some integrity if you ate cauliflower when you were 4 and spit them out you can't count it. Be adventurous and try something really new to you. Stay tuned this week I am working on some local restaurant deals and hope to have some options to announce  along with the current FC Challenge leaderboard.