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FC Challenge Week 1&2

Congratulations you made it through one week, 11 more to go.If you have stuck to your original plan for the week give yourself another bonus point if you haven't or worse dont have a plan do not give your self a bonus point instead feel shame and start doing the work. Remember get your sheets to your coaches and wods entered into BTWB ( Coaches must approve WODs). If you haven't done this yet do it now! If you came to the gym Thursday night from 4:30-8 ish thank you you can look forward to seeiing us in some material for Rogue Fitness. You can also collect a bonus point. "but what if I came in the morning" then you got a good work out but not a bonus point ,life isnt fair here's a ribbon. Additionally everyone can collect an aditional bonus point for writing down and sharing publicly ( Social media,blog, 12 step meeting) 1 goal with deadline for 1 performance and 1 health area. Your goals need to be Specific,Measurable, Attainable, Realistic (but dont be afraid to be a little unreasonable) and Time Based. There have been a lot of questions about nutrition and point standards what is and what isn't. There are differeing opinions on many things but the basic principle are the same. The following are three books that I like and think explain a lot of stuff pretty well. Read them and collect one bonus point for each when you complete it. Buy it,borrow it what ever I dont care but read it. Educate your self on your most important asset your body. It Starts with Food The Paleo Diet or The Paleo Diet for Athletes The Paleo Solution Primal Blueprint -- Mitch