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FC Challenge Update & Week 3 Bonus

Two weeks down, ten to go. This one is going to be a big one. If things have been pretty tough and you have stuck with it getting through this week can be big, especially if your going to any Superbowl Parties. It takes 21 days to form a habit and 2-3 weeks to get over some of the sugar cravings some of you may be feeling after that it isn't easy but the proper habits are in place and hopefully your done being a sugar addict. If you completed one of the assigned books from last week you can add a point to this week's(or the week you finish) score sheet. Again you can get 1 bonus point for each assigned reading, more options may be available through out the challenge but your see them here first. We have a lot of bonus options available this week so pay attention and see your coach with any details The Whole 30 Challenge. The attached document will explain all the details. Please review it and know that in order to collect the points you will need to follow it exactly for a continuos 30 days. You can start and end this anytime during the challenge for a maximum of 2 times. Each 30 continuous days on this program will earn you 50 Bonus Points. If you are already on the program keep it up. If this is a new level spend a few days getting organized and get some input from your coach. We will be offering a few more things at the gym ( Pre Made Paleo meals and US Wellness Meats) in the weeks to come to help with food procurement and prep. Once again -complete the 30 day challenge earn 50 points  The CrossFit Games Open is coming up in March 6th (funny how this all coincides with a worldwide test of fitness, just lucky I guess). All of you are capable of competing in it and all of you should. Most of you will not win the Open but you can have fun, compete ( against yourself) and get a good assessment of where you are. We are planning a lot of fun stuff for the open and the more the merrier so suck it up and sign up. CFG Open Sign up will earn you 10 Bonus Points As every asshole on the internet knows standards are important. With out them there couldn't really be any winners or loser ( just ribbons and internet comments)  “ Without winners, there wouldn't even be any civilization.”- Woody Hayes In all seriousness for the orderly operation of the open and the continued evolution of the sport of fitness we need qualified judges. Its not just about setting new PRs and standards of performance but also the execution of consistent ones that really elevates what we are doing. Amazing athletes will always find away to ,well do amazing shit but we cant really make a competition out of it unless qualified people can judge that everyone is doing the same thing. Enter the CFG Online Judging Course- You can all do it and you should. If you have questions about the course ask a coach we will help you . It will help you understand and execute functional movements and thus make everyone around you better. Please take the course and get 10 bonus point after its completion. If you don't do this we wont be able to have real winners and thus civilization will collapse and we will be stuck with internet experts Assholes. Remember civilization and legitimate human interaction depend on you.