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FC Challenge Update and Week 5 Bonus

Four Weeks in and a lot of cool stuff has happened with more to come. I was crunching the numbers last night and noticed a few things. We will make sure all the data is solid and post to the Face School later today. My apologies if my dislexia has lead to any false observations. Until then here are some thoughts:
  • Just based on points The biggest individual scorers are on the biggest scoring teams.Yes thats a little obvious but my point is strong groups are not just made up by strong individuals but strong commitment to each others goals. You can do well on your own but to do the best you need a supportive system.
  • The top point scorers are also doing very well in measures of performance.
  • All types of people are doing well and seeing measurable improvements
  • Most people (90%) are doing pretty well (over half the available points) and there are a lot of people at the top.
  • There are a few people that are doing really well on teams that aren't at the top, I can't help but wonder if they would do better if the other members of their team kicked it up.
  • The 5% is seriously sucking. I just spent 40 minutes writing a rant about it and decided it was time to switch to Tea. Long story short get your shit together, you're settling for less than your best and neither of us is interested in fostering that. By the way the Walnut Crunch Green tea at Tasi is awesome and very fucking soothing.
Bonus Points There are still other opportunities for everyone to catch up or pull ahead. If you have signed up for the CrossFit Games Open Please make sure you sign up to be in our gym. This is really important as all you can contribute to our goals regardless of the event. If you haven't signed up DO IT NOW! We like to talk about moving heavy shit and being cool and now you have an opportunity to test and prove it. Matt & Shannon are moving and need some help Saturday morning February 16th. They will be moving most of the day and need some cool people  who can move heavy shit to help. So show up at 1350 Runaway Bay Dr. Columbus Ohio 43201 from 9-11 AM and give them a hand. They may need help through out the day but coordinate that with them. This will get you 1 WOD point, 5 bonus points and 2 free cheats( unless you are doing the Whole 30 then no cheating) Later that day we will be hosting a seminar at the gym from 12-2. Sign up here and get 3 bonus points. The seminar will give you some things to think about and strategies to implement into your challenge and beyond. I have heard really good things about it and highly recommend it. It is important that all the WODs you record on your weekly points are recorded in Beyond The Whiteboard. Its also very important that you turn your points in on time. This will keep you engaged in the process and helps us keep accurate records. Beginning this week we will be instituting the following rules. All Points are due to Coaches by midnight Monday. Not turning in points on time , not recording WODs in BTWB , turning in points for the CrossFit Games Open or Judges Course and not showing up on the affiliate page or any "Misremembered" points will result in a loss of the entire weeks points.  Take this week and get buttoned up, big kid rules start next week.