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FC Challenge Point System

Great job today. Thank you to all the coaches and athletes that made it such a great day. If you missed the test in event you can still get started. First you need to be registered, then you will be assigned a team & coach. Coaches are responsible for all make up tests. You will get directions on which kroger facility to go to for your health assessments FC Challenge Point System “What do I get points for?” You will receive a score sheet via email and a subscription to We will use both to track your points and performance. The email that contains the tracking sheet will explain everything Food & Drink Points A day is either Paleo or Not, alcohol is not paleo. Beer,mead,wine,gin,vodka,hooch and pruno are not paleo. if you can’t minimize alcohol consumption for 12 weeks get a 12 step program. A Paleo Day is worth 3 points One cheat is worth 1 negative point What is Paleo? - Meat,Vegetables,Nuts, Oils & fruit, NO Grains,Legumes,Dairy, Alcohol or artificial sweeteners What constitutes a cheat - Any deviation from the above Is Bacon paleo - If its organic yes but don’t get carried away its still just straight animal fat and will have some negative consequences on your blood lipids. There will be a Strict 30 day challenge option for a bigger bonus. This will be a fluid option ex) it could start for Chelsea Rankin on day 10 and end on day 40 ( or start on day 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and never end) or it could start for Chelsea McAlexander on Day 15 and end on day 45. At the end of a consecutive 30 days you will claim your points. So if being super strict off the bat isnt your thing you can baby step in then go for it in a few weeks. 1 pt  for post WOD shake ( whey protein,milk or any bullshit you find but it has to be consumed 30 minutes prior to finishing 1 pt for drinking 2L water/day 1pt for 8hrs sleep ( you can get credit for less if a sleep study confirms you need less, yes a sleep study may be available for bonus) 1 pt for 20 min sunlight/day 1 pt for fish oil/day 1 pt for a wod- maximum 6 wod pts/week. If you don’t wod a minimum of 3x you forfeit wod pts for a week. Yes there will be other activity point options offered as bonus. No Olympic lifting does not count as a WOD. Some might say there is no way to score points if I don’t eat paleo. To a certain extent this is true but its not Burger King you can’t always have it your way. Its about your goals, quit worrying about scoring some arbitrary points and focus on goal attainment. If you can find a better way to skin the cat write it down and do it. Points just reward behaviors that typically lead to success,  they are fucking ribbons not trophies. On the flip side just because you don’t like paleo doesn’t mean it isn't good it just means you don’t like it, Try something for 90 days not 9, track everything and prove it ,don’t hunch it. Your coaches will work with you to find what works best for all of you. If you have questions please ask your coach directly and they will get you answers ASAP. Now live it up the Challenge starts Monday!