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FC Challenge 2013 Test in Event info

So far this year we have 75 people signed up for the challenge ( insert inspirational quote- butterflyes and shit) This year’s challenge will start and end with a series of health & performance assessments. All assessment will take place at the gym on Saturday January 12th at 11 AM. Here is how it is going to work. There will be a series of stations set up for check in, body weight, before picture ( its a picture deal with it don’t comment on it), body fat, blood pressure and lipids . Health assessments for the first 30 people onsite will begin at 11 AM Physical performance ( Strength & WOD) will start at 12. Here are the performance test: 15 minutes to set a 3 rep max Back Squat. We will set you up on the rig and oly platforms. You will have 1-2 partner judges and we will start a new heat of 30-45 people every 20 minutes. Be ready to squat by 12, This should only take an hour to complete Work capacity.WOD. This start in squat order once that portion is over. We will start a new wave of 6 people every 7 minutes until everyone is done. You will be judging one another. Once everyone has completed their assessment we will record the info,rank the athletes and assign everyone to teams and coaches. You will receive an email from you coach by Sunday. Some of you already have coaches and teams and others do not. Upon check in you will be asked about any of those and/or preferences. We will follow a similair format to test out in 12 weeks. If you are unable to make the test in or out you will make up the performance test with your coach no more than 1 week no the challenge and no sooner than 1 week before it ends ( you may not test out late. The health assessment will be scheduled at a participating Kroger location. You will receive this info from your coach.