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Don't forget the value of the journey



Results,Results,Results. CrossFit is founded on real observable,measurable, repeatable fitness results. Fit Club is built on the idea that we will help people get those results in their life and fitness. Weightlifting, gymnastics and conditioning mixed in with fun and intensity. We do these things because we have found that the challenge they present and results they yield prepare us best for the obstacles of life and contributes to our fitness goals. Whether you are testing yourself in the Crossfit Games, Open, local competitions, challenges  or other standards it's east to get lost in the numbers or the end game. It's a long journey and goals are important but don't forget to look around at all the great things you have accomplished along the way. It makes the long hard road more rewarding. Jason is 11 years old. He likes CrossFit, soccer,football, choir and food. Sports Illustrated  didn't decide to publish this (their loss) but I'm going to. Not because there needs to be more articles about CrossFit Games Athletes but because someone worked really hard to accomplish something and win or loose the people inspired along the way are pretty amazing. Whether you compete in the Open or not I'm pretty sure your on a journey of your own and there are more than a few people inspired by it.

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Thanks for being awesome Jason!

What does it feel like to be one of the fittest people on earth and also have a successful business?  Shellie Edington knows.  After competing in the CrossFit games, she earned the title of the third fittest woman in the world in her age group.  She is also the owner of Tumblin4Kids, which teaches kids how to have a healthy active lifestyle. CrossFit is an exercise program that combines lots of different physical activities including gymnastics and weightlifting.  Edington started training CrossFit in 2010 and has improved every year.  She says the best part about CrossFit is, “the community of people. They expect you to attempt to be your best in all areas of life.”   In 2013 and 2014 Edington competed in the CrossFit Games, a competition in California that tests how fit you are.  The first time Edington competed she earned 19th place but last year she jumped to 3rd place.  At age 49 that 3rd place finish made her the 3rd fittest woman in the world in the 45-49 age group. Edington works very hard with her coach, Mitch Potterf. She has trained under Potterf for the last 4 years. He says that she is, “very dedicated, hardworking, she eats a very healthy diet, gets her sleep and works out 5 days per week” This makes her an excellent role model to the students she teaches. Training for CrossFit competitions can be a fulltime job, but that’s not Edington’s only job.  She is the owner of Tumblin4Kids, a gymnastics program that brings equipment to different areas of the community for classes. She has been teaching Gymnastics since she was 14. Edington believes that gymnastics is a great first sport where you learn how to fall, land, think and move safely. Her business has 15 locations and she teaches 500 students in and around Columbus.  She also has 5 locations in Cincinnati where she has close to 150 students enrolled.   Abra Campbell’s daughters are students of Edington.  Campbell says that, “Mrs. Shellie sets a great example of a fit, active role model for the kids.  She demonstrates the tumbling skills herself and shows the kids and the parents that you can be strong and agile at any age.” Shellie is a great leader and role model in our community. She shows her students, fellow athletes and community members the benefits of being fit and successful. Jason Zastudil- 11