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Day 4 -Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack. Sun Tzu

If help doesn’t come soon, people may start starving.  Supplies have dwindled drastically since the day of the outbreak and we have more people than we can feed regularly.  I went on another food run with about 10 survivors and found a box of canned vegetables.  The hard part has been passing up all the foodstuffs that contain any sort of grains.  We have no idea if even the stuff imported is safe so we avoid anything but meat and vegetables.  Meat doesn’t survive well without refrigeration and most of the fresh vegetables we get are wilted rotting.
We were attacked again coming back from the food run.  The few guns that some of the survivors brought with them are out of ammo so we’re just using sledge hammers, clubs and makeshift spears to defend ourselves.  I thought my arms would fall off swinging that sledge hammer.  It’s worse than ball slams.  Ian ran and climbed up into a tree; all that work with muscle-ups really does help.  Last I saw, when we got separated from the group, he was surrounded by over a dozen zombies.  Without some firepower, I don’t know what we can do. 
The three of us who survived managed to run with the box of cans (they get really heavy after a while), and clean and jerked it up to the loading dock of the warehouse we’re using as a base.  The only way in is up a ledge, since the zombies don’t seem to be smart or coordinated enough to climb or jump up.  I really don’t know how long we’ll last though.  Some of the survivors are fighting over the food and arguing about who is more necessary to the group. 
The radio has been silent, and we’re not sure if help will arrive tomorrow or not. - James