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Day 3 Our pleasures were simple - they included survival. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Our refuge has been attacked!  Rob was out gathering firewood and got bit by a zombie.  I guess this disease they have is contagious because when he came back, he was sweating and feverish.  He didn’t live very long after that.  We were taking his body out to bury him when he got back up from the ground and attacked.  In the commotion, several other zombies came up on us and attacked as well.  I was able to jump up on a ledge and pull myself up and away from several attacking me.  Note to self: practice more box jumps so I can do this at a moment’s notice. zombie-6Tim was trying to help Cassie pull herself up when she was bitten in the leg and dragged back down.  He over-extended himself and got dragged down as well.  All said, we lost 8 people today.  We definitely need to stay more alert and stay together in teams.  Nobody would have survived if we hadn’t have worked together, supporting each other when someone failed.  It seems the price of failure now is being eaten alive, not merely being exhausted and trying to push thru muscle fatigue. We did manage to pick up a few new survivors on our way back though.  I hope these new people can hold their own and we can count on them as well, at least until help arrives at the end of the week. -James