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Daren Garcia

Featured Athlete

Daren GarciaName: Daren Garcia Hometown: Youngstown, OH Occupation: Attorney How long have you done CrossFit: a little over 1 year Background/sports played: Football, Track, Golf Favorite lift/movement: Push Press Least favorite lift/movement: Thruster / Squat Clean Favorite WOD: Murph Least favorite WOD: Anything involving thrusters or squat cleans I like...that I walked into FC a little over a year ago and got a new lease on fitness. I eat...paleo (mostly) with cheat meals often consisting of donuts and wine. I do...what I want! I am...a big fan of getting to work on Monday mornings after FC knowing that I have already done more physical activity than the vast majority of my opponents will do in a week or longer. Something people would be surprised to know about you: I am highly competitive when lawyering and also addicted to amassing frequent flier miles (but I don’t ever cash them in).